Thursday Salsa Classes at St. Chad's Church Hall, South Norwood

Autumn Salsa Beginners Foundation Course, enrolling NOW!

Starting Thursday 28th September 2017, and enrolling until 11th October 2017. Contact us to book your place.

We hold two hours of classes every Thursday, followed by an hour of social dancing and practice. Interested in coming along? Click here for contact details and a map.


Open for admission

8.20pm to 9.20pm

Salsa Beginners Foundation Course (1st Hour) with Ania

We run regular 10-12 week Beginners Foundation Course, for Absolute Beginners.

The objective of this course is to teach the foundation of dancing Salsa in the on-one / LA (or Crossbody) style, at the end of which you should be able to dance a fairly confident, basic freestyle Salsa in a social dancing environment. Emphasis is given on leading and following basic Salsa steps and simple turn-patterns.

Drop in fee: £8

Salsa Improver Level 1 Class (1st Hour) with Dominic

This level is for dancers who have completed the beginners foundation course, or who are building their confidence.

In these levels, we learn how to take the basic components of the dance taught in the beginners course and combine them into more interesting turn patterns and combinations. We take a closer look at technique, allowing you to build your confidence as a leader or a follower and prepare you to dance socially.

Drop in fee: £8*

9.20pm to 9.25pm

Short Break for Practice

9.25pm to 10.25pm

Salsa Beginner Footwork Class (2nd Hour) with Ania

This class extends the beginners class from the first hour.

Here we focus on the footwork steps that are performed during the warmup, as well as during the dance itself. This is aimed at beginners from the first hour who are keen to advance their level of dancing quickly, and get more out of the evening.

Drop in fee: £8 (£10 for both classes)

Salsa Improver Level 2 Class (2nd Hour) with Sean and Susana

This level is for dancers who are able to confidently lead and follow simple turn patterns, with a good level of proficiency. It is open to students who started with us from Beginner and have worked through the Advance Beginner Level, and for those who have four to five months experience dancing elsewhere.

In these levels, turn patterns start to get progressively more complicated, so a good level of basic proficiency is essential. Men must be able to lead clearly and with fluidity, and ladies must be able to follow equally well. A greater emphasis is placed on spinning techniques, and by Improver 2 Level, ladies should be able to execute double spins unassisted.

Drop in fee: £8 (£10 for both classes)

10.25pm to 11pm

Social Dancing & Practice

Buy a 10 week one-hour Pass for £70, or buy a 10 week two-hour Pass for £90.

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